Tuesday, October 2, 2012

White Blazer-Rachel Roe

rachel roy

So Elle, has this picture of one the great fashion designers.... Rachael Roe one of my favorites (in my Oprah voice), which I love, love, love. And had me thinking about the fact that, I don't own a white blazer in my wardrobe. I am one of those people who fall in and out of trends, so the whole theory of not wearing white after labor day, is pretty much based on how I feel.  If I feel like I want to wear something I will go ahead and wear it, if not I may say nah I don't think I should be wearing white after labor day. I guess its when its convenient to fit my mood.  Hell its fashion and you should wear according to your own beat!! Any hew, this picture got me to thinking if I should add a white blazer to the mix. It is easy to dress up and down, but is it versatile enough to wear year round??? 

Is there anyone out there who does this style? Please send me a picture of your look would love to see the different styles.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Who Broke the Dress Code This Week??

Did someone break the dress code in your office? If so, I wanna know about it. Of course not there names to protect their privacy.  Send me a your story and I will publish on the blog. To protect the privacy of corporations and employees I asked that you refrain from pictures and company logos and names unless you have written authorization. Otherwise send me a brief description of how they broke the dress code and why.  Maybe it was you?  I know I have broken the companies dress code several times and you have too, so don't be shy send me your stories let chat about it...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do you Color at Work???

Yes, the question of the day is do you color at work?  I am talking about hair color that is...I know I had you going their for a moment? Right???? Well over the summer, I colored my hair light brown, which was very similar to my skin tone. The color was not real bright, but more of a bronze color, which I loved and rocked for the whole summer gracefully....However, my aunt was not so in love with the color and she actually said to me, " I am not sure if I like the color because it blends into your skin tone." Really Auntie :) She thought I should either go darker or lighter in color, but I was fine with the color I had chosen..Her comment didn't offend me, I thought that it was actually quite comical...It was fine, it was her opinion, and I was in love with my summer color..So, I  laughed  it off because I thought it was actually funny.  However, I noticed at work I was getting a lot of attention. Mostly good comments a few people thought I could actually go lighter as well.  I thought about going lighter, but was afraid that the color might be too bright for the office...Not sure if I was ready to push that envelope just yet, being that I was one of the few minorities with natural hair in the office and a brighter color might just send me to the unemployment line (just kidding).. As mentioned I had no real complaints with the color anyways and only that I grew tired of the color once the summer was o.v.e.r...Needless to say, I recently dyed the light brown out to off black after I grew tired of the color. (I will post a picture once I find a cute one to tag) With the fall in motion, leaves are falling, trees are blowing, and change approaching..What are you doing with your hair for fall?  Do you color at work and if so, are there any colors you believe are inappropriate for work?  FYI, I love, love, these styles and colors and would rock all of these styles to work..What About YOU???Naturally FabulousNaturally FabulousNaturally Fabulous

These picts. are property of essence. Just tagged for reference only.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Fashion, & Fun

Hello All, I have been on a little hiatus for awhile trying to decide to keep this blog or move along for various reasons. In any event, I have not come up with a decision yet, but I still feel a bit connected to this site, and an obligation to full fill.  Therefore this post is being published in spite of lack of time, etc. 

So, without further ado, let's talk fashion shall we.  I am on a mission to find the following for fall;

  1. A shoe boot that is both functional in the office and on the weekend. It must be comfortable and trendy, not to high, but not flat.. After taking an assessment of my closet my pair from last year must be retired... Would offer a picture but too embarrassed...Any suggestions?
  2. A signature black paint suit, is in dire need .  I am in need of a tailored black suit for the fall. The only thing is that I don't want a long suit jacket it should be a jacket that I can tuck the sleeves and roll up. I really like the idea of a wonderful fitted tuxedo pant that flairs with a jacket to match...Don't know if I will be able to find it but wishful thinking...
  3. A new handbag...I have been on the prowl for the last couple of months, and nothing has really caught my eye...Well that's not totally true, see my coworker did prop her 15,000  Orange Hermes Burkin bag on her desk and stopped me in my tracks...Maybe that is why I can't seem to focus on the later...In any event Hermes is not in my budget, but if someone out there would like to gift me one, I would be more that happy to accept :)  If not, then that leads me on my journey to find a new bag for the fall..

What is your favorite item for fall?  Do you put your summer items away totally or do you still rock them into the season??

Look of The Week go to.....


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hair, Heat, Humidity, & Summer Fun!!

Living in NJ the weather recently has been very very unpredictable. We have been faced with explosive rain, cold temperatures, and finally summer!! Yup, summer!Over the last couple of days the weather has been lovely.  I have shifted my wardrobe from the cold blues skipping right past spring shifting right into summer.  So here are some of the things I have been doing:

1. Preparing my natural hair for the summer hot weather.  African American hair tends to be on the dry side in its natural state, and the heat can be very damaging. In order to prevent the dryness, I have restored my hair products. Adding more conditioner to my rotation,  testing heat frizz prevents such as John Freida Collection, and protecting my tresses from the heat with hats. Twisting my tresses and adding moisture is also becoming more of my regimen in the evening after a day in the sun.  This has been mostly effective;

Smooth Start® Hydrating Conditioner   Product Details    Product Details  Product Details

Recently, I went on vacation with my hubby to Puerto Rico and the weather was humid, hot, and great for my spirit, but not so much for my hair. In order to keep my hair damage free from the sun, salt water, and chlorine,I had to keep my hair moisturize, and in a protective style from the sun.  To prepare I twisted my hair with conditioner and kept it in semi big twist the whole week.  I rinsed my hair after every dip in the pool and sealed with a coconut oil blend.

2.   Since my day job consitss of me being in the corporate world and a dress code is implemented, I must be very careful not to break the dress code. Therefore, I had to update my wardrobe in order to comply. This means no flip flop, tank tops, short skirts, or anything that I probable would wear on the weekend. So, it is important for me to find items that work both during the day and evening (or on my way home when I am hot as hell from the sun). In order for me to do that I have invested in carnigans, so that I can wear a tee or cami underneath to beat the heat.  Here are a few from Macys that I have been eyeing. Below I have a purple light carnigan purchased from Banana Republic.
 The black blouse I have on below is short sleeve, and I am pretty sure that I can not wear that in the office on it's own!
Grace Elements Cardigan, Three-Quarter-Sleeve Striped Open-Front
Elementz Cardigan, Short-Sleeve Pointelle Knit Shrug

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pre-spring - Pre-paring.......Who has spring fever????

OK I have spring fever, and like many women live on a..........Budget

Which means that I have to find clever ways to feed my shopaholic and not exhaust my bank account or credit cards.  Over the weekend I went to Marshall's one of my favorite places in the world and found several options for the summer.  I know I jumped to the summer, yup shore did...What I bought was a cover up for vacation, a bikini bathing suit, and a red dress.  The only thing I can wear to work is the red dress but probable won't because I like to keep my night/day wardrobe separate.  Since, I will be going on vacation soon, I like to bring in new pieces to keep the "sexy" in check.

I will post some of my pictures later.  By the way, I am on a diet/workout regimen so the "bikini" is weight loss driven to keep me focused.  I will keep you posted on that, so far I have lost about five pounds.  Hopefully, by the summer I will be down twenty or so pounds, if I can stop eating the sweets....That's a whole other article.  Anyways, what are you doing for the anticipation for spring???

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Celebrity Look of the Week Must See...


Ms. Kelly Rowland , La La Anthony, Beyonce- I don't know what it is about the color Orange, but it is becoming a trend on the red carpet, and I am loving it!! I seem to be gravitating towards the color orange so maybe that will be my spring inspiration....What are your thoughts? Do you like this look are you a fan of orange???

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday!!

This week I will be looking for prospects to interview for the blog. I will be listing the requirements shortly. I already have two workplace fashionistas lined up, so stay tuned. If you know anyone interesting in sharing their workplace looks please email me at whatisthedresscode@gmail.com. I would love to see your outfits and share your stories..

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Look of the Week goes to....

Ms. Latoya Luckett - formerly Destiny's Child member. I really  love, love, love this look. The skirt is sleek and that jacket ties the outfit together!!! Fabulous!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Check out Elle's Spring Shopping Guide

Top 10 Trends From Spring 2012

Top 10 Trends From Spring 2012

The big fashion ideas you need to know, from the latest print to the new silhouette

Although we are having a mild winter I so can not wait until spring arrives?  I came across this on Elle.com, one of my favorite online go to sites, and here is what is "Trendy" for Spring... I like almost all of them, they look great on the models, but not sure how practical for my body type...
Any hew, what are you thoughts will you be following any on these trends for spring?

Monday, January 23, 2012

And the Look of the Week Goes to....


Miss Solange Knowles!!! I Love this green dress it fits her perfectly  her retro look fits her to a "T", and of course her natural hair! Although, this dress is not appropriate for work it is definitely a evening or night out dress. Nicely done.

How to Capitalize When Underemployed???

  • This is an article I came across from ehow; Interesting!
    • 1
      Remember that you're not alone. Many people experience dissatisfaction at their jobs. In fact, about 55 percent of American workers are reportedly underemployed and not engaged at work, which involves having a job that does not fully utilize your skills.
      Underemployment isn't just about boredom; you can have a job where you are occupied all day, but doing something menial that does not allow you to use your full potential. This phenomenon can sour your attitude and runs rampant through many workplaces--and, yes, even during a recession.
    • Skip the Solitaire. So you've asked for assignments, but your boss says things are slow. Most employees would turn to something mind-numbing like a computer game. But if you're new on the job, you can take advantage of getting to know the company and leveraging the benefits.
      Regardless of whether you are new or not, it never looks good to be playing a game at your computer. Find something else to do--in this case, something more productive.
    • 3
      Get to know your benefits. You probably already know if you get health care, but now is the time to explore what else the company has to offer. Get a copy of the employee manual and read the entire book. Meet the HR director and ask about other benefits, including gym discounts and professional development training. Maybe you can take a course to expand upon your work skills to pass the time--even if you do a self-taught course at your computer.
      Things may be slow and new employees may have more time to be brought up to speed, but the key is to be doing something work-related even if you're not working on your usual projects.
    • 4
      Hit the water cooler to build relationships. This isn't a freebie pass to commiserate with other bored employees. The goal here is to forge relationships that can benefit you in the future, whether it is for this company or another.
      Get to know the organizational chart and determine who you want to get to know. Stop by a corporate leader's office and introduce yourself. This could also land you more work to keep you occupied.
    • 5
      Consider a job change carefully. Those who are underemployed or just bored to tears at their jobs can be desperate to make a switch. If you decide you want to explore other opportunities, think about what you want to do. If you do not yet have the number of years needed to advance, it may be a better idea to stay at your current job, avoid job hopping on your resume and take more professional development courses in your industry.
      And if you do want out of this job, make the careful choice when accepting another job so you do not go back into the same underemployment situation. Take career tests and find out what you are good at and evaluate your next move carefully. Look for jobs discreetly so that if it doesn't work out, you do not lose the current job and wind up with nothing.
    • 6
      Explore other interests. If your 9-to-5 gig is here to stay and you cannot leave or find more engaging projects, make your non-work hours special. Do something engaging by taking up a hobby or spending time with people you enjoy. Many people use this time to moonlight doing work they enjoy, and some take that a step further and prepare to open their own business.

  • Read more: How to Capitalize When Underemployed | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5628674_capitalize-youre-underemployed.html#ixzz1kJlIvwNV

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    Look of The Week...

    Shaun Robinson at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California.

    Friday, January 6, 2012

    Happy Friday! Job Seekers What you should know!

    Out with 2011 and in with the New Year! Many things will be changing! Check out this article from career builder for all you job seekers.

    5 job-search tips for career changers

    Kaitlin Madden, CareerBuilder Writer
    You've hit a turning point in your career. Whether it's because your job has slowly become less satisfying over the years, or you woke up one morning and realized you hated going to work, you've decided it's time for a change.
    If only you knew what you wanted to do next. Details.
    The "I don't know what I want to do, but I know it's not this" predicament is confusing at best. Besides the issue of figuring out what you want to do, there's also reality to consider. You might  think you'd make a great marriage counselor, but do you really have the time, energy and means to get the necessary training? Will your career change require you to relocate? How will you convince potential employers that, after 10 years in one career, you have the necessary experience for a new one?
    Because the career-change process is complicated, it's important not to rush into anything. Take time to explore your options and answer all of the questions you have about the career paths you're considering. Or, as "What Color is Your Parachute?" – the best-selling career guide – puts it:
    "Good career choice or career planning postpones the 'narrowing down' until it has first broadened your horizons and expanded the number of options you are thinking about. For example, you're in the newspaper business, but have you ever thought of teaching, or drawing or doing fashion? You first expand your mental horizons, to see all the possibilities, and only then do you start to narrow them down to the particular two or three that interest you the most." Continue reading -- 5 job-search tips for career changers
    Once you've got a short list of potential careers, it's time to begin your job search. Mark C.D. Newall, senior vice president at Keystone Associates, a career transition and management firm in Boston, offers the following quick tips for job searching in a new field.
    1. Play the game. As newbie, you're going to have to put in a lot of footwork. "Intensively networking, utilizing technology, honing your interviewing skills -- all of these things are important and need to be done," Newall says.
    2. Identify your edge. Since you won't be able to rest on your experience, it's important to identify other selling points that will make you stand out to employers. "Everybody is smart, everybody works hard, everybody has a good degree -- differentiate yourself from all of the others by having an edge," Newall advises. "If you have global expertise, call it out. If you have outstanding and demonstrated interpersonal skills, let interviewers know that you will connect with and take care of their clients."
    3. Be willing to move. Flexibility can go a long way when breaking into a new career. "Expanding your geography will also expand your opportunities," Newall says.
    4. Speak to your passion. "Know what is important to you -- what really gives you that sense of accomplishment -- what gets you out of bed in the morning. Hiring managers will see your passion and how it relates to their business, and they want to hire that," Newall says. Given the amount of self-reflection career change usually requires, rattling off a list of things that make you tick shouldn't be too hard.
    5. Have a solid methodology. Like in any job search, you'll need a game plan, Newall says. "Organize your time, your contacts, your approach, and conduct your job search in a planned and thoughtful manner. Then be ready to toss aside your plan, and be able to react to that last minute call."
    Want more tips on career change?