Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Laugh! Men in Skirts: Kanye West, Marc Jacobs, and Others

Men in Skirts: Kanye West, Marc Jacobs, and Others

Kanye WestKanye WestKanye WestKanye West

Elle had an interesting article on men in skirts, I couldn't resist to put this up on the site.  Have a laugh for Saturday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Do you switch your weekend Coat????

Now that it is fall and the temperatures are changing I started to revamp my winter coats... Currently, I have been rocking my short brown leather jacket with a scarf of my choice. I have a picture to the left of the homepage. Recently, I have been scouting my closet to see what coats I have, the ones I forgot about, and the ones I need to donate. I realize that I have a few down jackets that I really don't get use out of.  See I try not to wear my down coats into the office because for some reason I feel like its a weekend coat and may not be, so professional. ( I always find myself asking is this coat OK for work etc)  Usually, I will wear a peak coat, leather jacket, or three level coats.  This got me to thinking why can't I wear my coat from the weekend to the office?  What do you think can you get away with wearing a down coat to work or is it an NO NO?

Buffalo Jeans Coat, Jackie Belted Faux Fur MICHAEL Michael Kors Coat, Long Sleeve Faux Fur Collar Sweater Style&co. Plus Size Coat, Removable Hood Pea Coat

I would rather where this...
Steve Madden Coat, Long Sleeve Faux Fur Trim Hooded PufferThe North Face Coat, Yume Faux Fur Hooded Down Puffer Alfani Coat, Faux Fur Long Sleeve Belt Puffer

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keeping the Theme of Leopard...Check out these shoes

If you have been keeping up with me then you know that, I have been obsessing over animal print recently.  I tend to go through phases quit often.  So now,  I am looking for a shoe for work and play.  This is definitely a statement piece that every girl should have in their closet. You can pair with a suit ,a skirt, or jeans and play with your wardrobe. My only advice is, not to go over board with animal print , if you are going to wear the shoe. I prefer to let one piece of animal print shine by itself, that's just my preference.  So check out my list and tell me what  think. Which one should I buy??? ( most of them can be purchased at Macy's, but I did slip a pair of louboutins in there Neiman Marcus, a girl can wish right :)
GUESS Shoes, Abrielle BootiesNine West Shoes, Rocha Platform PumpsMarc Fisher Shoes, Charles Flats - A Macy's ExclusiveGUESS Women's Shoes, Pozina BootsMarc Fisher Shoes, Keeps Loafer Platform Pumps - A Macy's ExclusiveCrocs Shoes, Wiona Leopard Flats
Christian Louboutin Maggie Leopard-Toe PumpChristian Louboutin Lace Peep-Toe Platform Pump

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Straight from Career Builder: The 8 Keys to Nailing a Virtual Interview

Whether they do it over the phone or with a webcam, today's job candidates need to be prepared for the virtual interview. Many companies seeking to fill customer service and call center positions are conducting virtual interviews to help screen candidates and, in some cases, as the only form of interviewing. Nikki Trotter, a career coach and workforce consultant, says, "Virtual interviews are big cost-savers, especially for those who are geographically detached. They save time and money on travel expenses and are great screening tools."
Once your resume has made it past the basic screening for requisite skills and qualifications, you're on to the next round in the screening process. Here are some tips to help you nail the virtual interview.
1. Be yourself
"My number one piece of advice is just be yourself," says Frank Steele, director of recruiting for FirstGroup America. He says that if you try to fake it, you'll eventually be found out. "I fully appreciate the pressures of looking for a job. But you've got to be yourself and be genuine. I would approach a phone interview like a first date or a speed date. It's the start of the relationship. During the course of the conversation, I ask myself, do I want to work with this person, do I like them?" Steel conducts a dozen or more phone screens every week with candidates seeking jobs with North America's largest provider of transportation services.
2. Communicate clearly & concisely
"During the initial phone screen, we're listening for the communication aspect. For contact center positions, what's most important is the candidate's competency on the phone," says Tyson Bragg, group HR manager for Enterprise Holdings. He oversees the hiring process for the company's two customer contact centers in St. Louis, Mo., and Eugene, Ore., and for its virtual workforce, who handle customer calls from home. "We are listening to their verbal communication skills, how well they manage their responses to questions and if their answers are succinct and well thought through," adds Bragg.
3. Have an elevator speech
With an initial phone screen, Steele says you've got about three minutes to make an impression. He says many recruiters start with, "Tell me about yourself." A phone screen is no different from the face-to-face interview when it comes to this question. You need to be prepared. Steel suggests, "Start with the understanding that individuals get hired to either save a company money or make them money. Think about what the company needs and plug in your competencies. You've got to talk to the company need, not your need."
4. Avoid distractions
Bragg says that because they hire a number of team members who will be working virtually from a home office, "You've got to be able to manage your surroundings in a phone interview." He says distractions are commonplace on phone interviews. "Surprisingly, some candidates don't realize the importance of being able to manage distractions like a barking dog or having the TV on." 
5. Conduct a background check
If you are using a webcam, look behind you. "You need to see what is in the background when you're using Skype. Test the camera view to make sure the interviewer won't see your refrigerator full of magnets and school papers or a messy bookshelf," says executive human resources consultant Mary Pierce, SPHR.
6. Pause before speaking
"Skype is wonderful technology, but there can be a slight delay in the voice transmission. It's so easy to talk over the interviewer," warns Pierce. She urges candidates to be patient and careful to pause before responding to a question.
7. Test the technology
Pierce and Trotter both suggest doing a test run to ensure you understand how the web cam and microphone work on your computer. "Test it out with a friend, your career coach or a trusted business associate in a mock interview to get comfortable with how you look and sound," advises Pierce.  
8. Remember: This is not a dress rehearsal
Pierce offers this final piece of advice, "Job candidates need to understand that this is just like a face-to-face interview. You must dress and act as professionally as if you were sitting in the interviewer's office."
With Enterprise, there are no dress rehearsals. In the past year, Bragg says Enterprise started doing everything over the phone and ceased doing face-to-face interviews for customer contact positions. When choosing the winning candidate, it comes down to "phone etiquette, communication skills ...and resiliency," concludes Bragg.

Fashion T says:  I have never done a virtual interview only a phone interview, but with the way of the "technology world" it is what it is.  So its best to put your best foot forward. Make sure you have on make up, so that you look bright and alive, not too much, but enough to show that you are ready to take on that job.  Also, your hair should be done like you are ready to step into the office not out of bed!

What are you doing to prepare for your next job interview?

Monday, November 7, 2011

What's on Sale This Week!

Kasper Suit, Long Sleeve Ruffled Jacket & Sheath Dress Red Power Suit - Great for day to evening. This shade of red is not my favorite so I would opt for a different color. The price is great for the quality.
Reg. $280.00
Sale $167.99

Style&co. Pants, Stretch Wide Leg   You can never go wrong with a great pair of straight leg paints. It doesn't matter if you are a size 0 or 18 every girl should have a good quaility pant. You can pair this with a blouse or with a suit either way the price is great!
Nine West Suit, Long Sleeve Button Cuff Jacket & PantsFor some reason I love the color of this suit.  I know its a Neutral but for the fall this could be paired with an orange scarf or a colorful shoe. That would really make this a statement piece.
Reg. $240.00
Sale $155.99

L8ter Plus Size Dress, Three Quarter Sleeve BeltedThis by far is my favorite look!! I love the way the belt is hitting her waste. Some dresses don't allow the belt to sit properly at the waste, but it seems like the belt is secure on this one. I love this look from head to toe. It's great for the office and if you are going out just change the shoe or add a cute colorful purse and your are ready for any event!
Reg. $58.00
Sale $49.30

Do you have the Monday Blues??

I just heard on the news a few days ago that most people have more heart attacks on Mondays and are the happiest on Fridays....

This got me to thinking that maybe as Americans we spend too much time with  pleasing others instead of ourselves.  If you are truly happy with your career or job, stress is not an option.  Image that stress not being an option.????  I also heard that the happiest people in the World live in Australia.  So, I wanted to know what do Australians do that American  don't???  Well first they work less hours, they have free health care, and hardly to no crime, and they spend most of their time with their families. In fact, most women have several months off for maternity leave to bond with their children... This is definitely not how we live as Americans. We work long hours, spend less time with our families, fight for health care, all while fighting off crime.  We pack in so much into our work week that we tend to forget what is important to ourselves, our families, and life.  With technology on the rise fewer conversations are happening among families. Leaving the youth unable to have a vital future.  Marriages are failing due to the lack of family time, children are turning to the streets for love, and it seems like no one really cares. Bottom line the main focus is to achieve the most money, bigger house, fancier car, and newest "thing."  Education seems to be on the back burner while reality TV is on for the main course.  Prayer is not an option in the classrooms and the country says we have no religion, although it seems like we are following the Catholic Protestant.

I say all that to say that maybe if we go back to the basics and discover what is truly important we will be happier and  live longer.  Spending more time with family, scaling down the work week, and becoming a praying nation may be the step into the right direction. I am a firm believer that if one person suffers we all suffer. So we must go back to the basics and love each other!

Happy Monday

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Continuing with The Theme of Leopard - J Hud looks Fab!

This is how I would rock it. How about you?

My Natural Hair is for Work!

The topic of hair is often very controversial in the workplace. As a black women the thought of going natural was very scary to what my counterparts would think about my hair. In fact, many other races don't really know what black hair really looks like because we often hide it. Since, being on my 17 month natural hair journey I have learned a few things about my self that I wanted to share:

1.  I am beautiful in my natural state.  Meaning that I don't have to hide under a perm or straightened to the norm of others.  What God has given me is enough to rock proudly.
2.  Negativity is nothing more, but insecurity.  When I wore my hair straight, I felt really confident because it was the norm. However, going natural can bring a huge amount of negativity, but what I have learned is that it is my opinion first that counts.  I shouldn't feel any less beautiful because my hair is gorgeous in its natural state.  However I am feeling will emerge, so if I embrace how beautiful I look others will respect that and vice versa. Negativity can easily be diffused with confidence.
3. It is okay to have a bad hair day.  When you are natural you feel a lot of pressure not to have a bad hair day. Mainly because naturals like myself tend to wear our hair free sometimes in fros, fro hawks, braids, twists etc.  So when your hair doesn't want to cooperate don't feel the need to fix and obsess over your hair. When in fact the reality is that its fine to have a bad hair day everyone does as long as it is Professional its all good!

What are your thoughts about hair and has it effect your look in the workplace? Here is a few pictures of my hair.