Saturday, July 30, 2011

What to wear on your next job Interview..

Well ideally you should research the job to see what the dress code is before going out and buying something inappropriate.  Once, you have googled the job and realized that the dress code is business attire, casual, etc. My next step would be to do the following;

  • Pull out that High Powered Suit.  What is a high powered suit? A suit that you would only wear for a job interview that probably isn't made out of polyester. This is essential for men because they don't have the option of wearing a skirt or dress.  So men you  may want to invest in a suit that is a little bit more in price in lieu of the every day suit. Most importantly, the color of the suit is key for men as well as the type of suit. So guys, you want a dark blue or black suit stay away from Linen or white on a job interview. If you are on a budget  get a well priced suit, and get it tailored at your local dry cleaners, which should be between $15- $80 dollars depending where you go.You can easily take your suit from the rack to custom, which  again gives you that polished look. (make sure you wear a tie and collard shirt)
  • Ladies- Ideally, on your first job interview ,if you want the corner office you have to play the game.  What game...the Corporate game, which means skip the pants suit and opt for either a skirt suit or dress.  Yes a dress.  The key to wearing a dress is to keep the colors neutral, black, brown, beige, and dark blue. Stay away from bright colors as well as paisley prints.  The other part to wearing a dress is to pair a jacket with the dress.  So you have two separates that look like they pair each other.
  • Groom, Groom, Groom...I am not talking about the guy you are marrying. I am talking about your hair, nails, shoes, and makeup.  Take the time and get a hair cut gentlemen also, cut those fingernails. Clip the eyebrows and make sure your facial hair is either shaved or groomed really well. I would research a few of the men in the company to see what the norm is in the company. Do do they have facial hair or do they take it off.? You should probably follow suit. Ladies, the same applies wax, pluck, or thread the chin, eyebrows, and  upper lip.  Get that Mani and Pedi ,which is relatively cheap, but if it's not in your budget, do it yourself.  Just make sure you don't go over board with bright colors on your fingers nails. Also, watch the length of your nails ladies,if your nails are more than three inches from your finger tip they are too long and you need to cut them,if you want that position.   The hair for women is very crucial. On a job interview I would not play around with a new look. Stick to what works for you, but make sure its polished. So if you are wearing a weave or natural make sure its neat and eloquent. It doesn't have to look like you came out the saloon, but it should look Professional. 
black man is suit
Look for interesting necklines.thinner
Choose shapely skirts.

I hope these tips help you on your job search of what to wear. Just keep in mind nothing is better than a great personality.  A smile, a firm hand shake, and confidence can go along way, so be yourself and good luck on your next interview.  Send me a picture of what you are wearing to your next interview? I would love to see..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is the craziest outfit you ever wore to work?

Sometimes we wear an outfit that everyone else loves but inside we are screaming...Why did the ...did I wear this to work.  Most of the time, I have no regrets about my attire. I feel like whatever I put on is a reflection of how I am feeling that particular day. However, there are times when I am rushing and I may grab and go, which happens frequently. For me the craziest outfit has to be when I put on way too many accessories with my dress. This wasn't just any dress it was a colorful wrap dress that I happen to pair with a black and white head band. The head band was suppose to be an accent point, but I forgot that after I was half way at work and realized that it doesn't go with anything I am wearing.  So I took it off at lunch when I really realized that everyone was saying hello and laughing..Maybe they were really happy, but I bet they were thinking what the hell is she wearing...In any event, my wardrobe mishap was fixed fairly quickly by removing items. So what I have learned is less is actually more. Less accessories that is...Not less clothes :)

When I get sometime I will pull the dress and headband so you can see what a catastrophe the two items were together..

So, what is the craziest outfit you ever wore to work?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look of the Week

Sanaa Lathan! Love this LBD..(little black dress) I always try to pair color shoes with a black dress. It makes the dress modern and pulls the whole outfit together. Especially if the color is not over powering like this color here that she is wearing. I believe its a soft red? Not sure but love it!

African Fashion Week

Look at all the beautiful designs from African Fashion week. I was hoping to catch the whole show but only caught the end. (on tv ) I would have loved to been able to have a front row seat. Anyways, the fashion is gorg! What is your favorite pic?