Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do you have a Fashion New Years Resolution???

So I know many people will make a New Years Resolution which will consist of various things from losing weight to personal growth, which got me to thinking about my Fashion New Years Resolutions such as this;

1.  I will no longer wear black to hide the fact that I have curves.  Well not totally get rid of black, but I will not hide behind wearing black..I know that it really doesn't work and color brings life into all aspects of your life. So less all black everything and more color...
2.  I will stay committed to wearing my accessories all day to complete my look. In the past I will get my outfit together and start out with a bracelet or fabulous scarf, but at the end of the day, its in my purse for days.  It's weird I know, but for some reason I think that I will just lose it entirely so I take it off and you get the idea....
3. I am going to try new bold colors and a new lipstick that is bold.  I am definitely an earth tone girl with the exception of my dining room being red.  I prefer it on my walls and not my face...(don't judge) Actually, I am going to the MAC counter this weekend and get me a new color for the New Year!
4. I am going to complete my staple items into my wardrobe this year. My goal is to have all the staple items in my closet within the next year or so.  I will post an article on staple items that every girl/guy should have on
5. Continue to be fierce and confident on not only good days, but bad days... This one is hard for me because if your hair, shirt, or skirt doesn't quite look the way you want it to it is hard to still feel good in a bad outfit. Somehow I am going to convince myself that I can wear anything and look gorgeous!! I will let you know how that works for me on a Monday morning when my hair doesn't want to cooperate and I have spilled tea all down my shirt, or popped a button...:)

So what are your New Year's Fashion Resolutions???

After Christmas Sale....

After Christmas Sale and Clearance Save 20-75%

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One Holiday Down..

So one Holiday down and one to go.... I don't know about you, but I am officially back to work and exhausted!  I have entertained, ate, cooked, shop to I drop, and all other things that you can think of.  In the end, it was all worth it to see my family happy and merry.

How was your Christmas did you get any new items that you love or hate? If so send me some pictures so we can decide how to transform them into something new.  I will share my picts a little later..

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Look of the Week...


Tolula Adeyemi  - This is a great outfit for a company party, night out..Love the stockings. I am definitely a stockings girl they make you look sexy and slim. This look is great on her.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

If you are still shopping...Here's what you need to know...

1. Macy's is having a great sale in store and online. Items are 40% off.
2. Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy has a 40% sale  too.
3. Walmart has the best prices for electronics and games online and in stores.
4. Don't shop alone, with the economy bad crime is up, so take a friend, relative, with you while shopping.
5. Be mindful of your surroundings if you notice something on your car windshield do not get out the car to remove it.  A scam is going around and women are being targeted and robbed. I suggest drive away and wait until you get further away from the parking garage to remove anything on the car, and call the police when in doubt.

I am still shopping for the family, working, entertaining, cooking etc.  So I will be checking in periodically until the Xmas holiday has passed.  Happy Shopping!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Do you see these Boots????


I am so in love with these boots. This reminds me of Christmas, don't know why but it does.. Don't judge :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Look of the Week....

Mrs. Paula Patton - So ya'll know I have been all over anything leopard. I love this dress not sure if it goes in the category of animal print, hence the color, but I Love this look.
Would you wear this dress?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Gifts for Your Boss Are Here!!!

Are you looking for Great Gifts for your boss/co-workers. I have found some items that may get you off the Naughty list to the Nice List..Check out my picks....

Do you have a boss/coworker Always complaining about the temperature in the office. For $49. you get get these Club Monaco Tia Gloves from Shop Bop. They are super warm you can keep them on while typing. Great for the office. 

Don't know what to get that coworker/boss that loves labels.. Marc Jacobs etc.  Look no further I have the perfect gift.  Again Shop bop, has a great sale on designer Umbrellas.  Prices range from $29. to $58. This is a chic gift that will remind the boss of you every time it rains...

If you really want to make an impression on your boss and you have the extra cash to spend. I say go for the designer ipad case.  Just make sure she has an I phone first. Prices range from $48 to $200. My favorite is the Diane Furstenburg. I ordered one for me..shhh our secret.

So you have to get a gift for your boss the Alpha Male..  Well you are in luck because Macy's has the perfect gift.Check out these money clips that won't break your bank, but will boost his ego I mean self-esteem.  I would opt for the Donald Trump it has an unspoken word.. Money...Anyway prices range from $29. to $35.

Donald J. Trump Money Clip, Dollar Sign Money ClipSean John Accessories, Money Clip and Cufflinks Boxed SetKenneth Cole Reaction Money Clip, Brushed Rhodium
And for those co-workers that you really don't like, but you have to buy a gift for I say head on over to There are many gift that are appropriate and budget friendly. Prices range from $5. to $9.

Nivea Lip Care Essentials Set, 3-PackPremiere Brand Cappuccino Instant Coffee Beverage Gift Set
Help My Hands Ginger Scented 6-Piece Spa Hand Care Gift Set

So do you see anything that you might get your boss/coworkers? If so I want to know about it email me a picture of what you bought and who you gave it to and why.

Tips for the Office Holiday Parties...

Ellen Tracy Dress, Sleeveless Beaded Faux Wrap SheathINC International Concepts Dress, Cap Sleeve Scoop Neck Sequin SheathNY Collection Dress, Short Sleeve Solid Jersey Faux WrapJessica Simpson Dress, Crafted One Shoulder Cocktail DressNY Collection Dress, Long Sleeve Cowl Neck Cable Knit Sweater DressINC International Concepts Dress, Sleeveless Animal Print Cowl Neck Ruched

1. Keep in mind that the office party is still a work event.  What you say and do can be use against you in the board room..Therefore, don't over dress for the party, if the party is during the work week go for a look that can be taken from day to evening. By adding a belt, accessory, or change of shoe can change a look instantly from day to evening.  If the party is on the weekend and more formal then go for a formal look, but don't go too sexy or  too short in length with dresses ladies.
2. Watch your makeup.  Although, you are going from day to evening its important not to look like you are going out with the girls. Less is more for a work party.
3. If you are going to wear a suit have fun with it.  Try adding a bow tie, wear a blouse that is silk, add a flower, or pendant, scarf, or loose the jacket entirely. The idea is to be comfortable but have fun with it.
4. Don't, Don't, and I repeat, Don't get DRUNK or Hook Up with anyone at work!!!!  You don't want to be the talk of the office for the new year or worse can't remember what you said to your boss or coworker with the bad hair or bad breathe. In order to keep your emotions in check you have to be in a clear state of mind, so go easy on the booze.
5. Lastly, go easy on the perfume. Yup after you have worked all day and decide to go into the powder room to freshen up please remember to go easy on the perfume. A little can go a long way and you don't want to over power the room when mingling with coworkers. The worst thing is leaving a trail of perfume by the cheese platter that just doesn't smell good.. Get my drift better yet smell my drift ..

I hope you like my tips on holiday parties. My holiday party is this Thursday, not sure if I will make it because I am under the weather, but if by some chance I get my voice back I will post some pictures. Send me your holiday party pictures, the good, the bad, and the ugly...


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Look of The Week....

Ms. Taraji P. Henson

I like how she pairs her lipstick with her shoes, that is something I would definitely do. It's not too much color just enough and it works great with her skin tone. I think its important to know what color make up works for your skin tone. I use to think that I couldn't wear red lipstick because of my red undertone, but speaking with a makeup artist I was able to find the perfect shade for my complexion. So I highly recommend stopping at a makeup counter while shopping this season and get a consultation, don't forget to report back so I can see your new look.. Sorry for the rant, but I couldn't resist talking about her makeup which completes her look.  Anyway, I have been all about the pencil skirt this season, which elongates the body. So I absolutely positively, Love this look!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Searching for the Perfect Skirt...

So recently, I have been trying to find a new pencil skirt to add to my wardrobe, since I only have one. I know, I know, who only has one pencil skirt...Well apparently, me, and it is navy blue and on its last leg.   The reason why I like pencil skirts is because they fit perfectly for my shape. I have a pear shape, which is small up top and hip, curves,  at the bottom very similar to a pear. (for now on a diet and workout regimen trying to lose a few pounds) Any hew, I want to purchase maybe two for now that are neutral colors that I can wear to work that I can dress up or down.  So let's take a look at some of my favorites...
Calvin Klein Petite Skirt, Sequin Tweed Pencil INC International Concepts Plus Size Long Sleeve Printed Layered Look Top & Pencil SkirtINC International Concepts Long Sleeve Printed Layered Look Top & Seamed Waist Pencil SkirtRampage Skirt, Pencil Suit

I know I said neutral, but I am really filling this one.
Rampage Skirt, Pencil Faux Leather Waist

Which one should I purchase?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tips on How to answer tough interview questions Straight from Career Builder....

How to answer tough interview questions

In our latest installment of #CBJobChat (our monthly Twitter chat, which takes place on the first Monday of every month at 7 pm CST, for those who don’t know), we talked about one of the most dreaded parts of the job search: answering scary interview questions.
Scary interview questions are the ones that throw your brain for such a loop that you suddenly find yourself thinking about everything but the answer to the question (“I don’t have a good answer for why I want to leave my current job, but I did just remember that today is my grandmother’s birthday and that she is a Leo!”), or nothing at all.
Because we believe everyone, not just our Twitter chat participants, should know how to deliver impressive, relevant and blank-stare-free answers to tough interview questions, we’ve pulled together some of the best advice from Monday’s conversation.

Q1: How do you explain a layoff or being fired?
Be honest. Keep it short and professional. If the hiring manager wants to know more they will ask. — @KaraSingh
Seems like the stigma that was once there isn’t there for the most part. Just be honest about your situation. — @MatthewTForrest
Focus on the situation & not the individuals involved. It looks bad if you look like you are making excuses or blaming someone. — @SalarySchool
Q2: How should job seekers explain leaving their current job without badmouthing a boss and still sounding sincere?
I learned a lot but am ready for the next step … leadership role, new technology, responsibilities, etc. — @Amanda_Yates
There is no need to badmouth your old company. Be positive about them and focus forward. — @mtATL
New employers want to know you are choosing them,  not just another job — @careerchatter
Also important to figure out what didn’t work so you are clear on what you are looking for in a new job. — @TappOnline
Q3: If you are “overqualified” for the position, how do you explain your willingness to take the job?
Stress the fact you are looking to add to the bottom line, been there done that attitude and looking for a home — @TheStewartGrp
Sell the extra value the company is getting from you, while showing that you are on their side, like @thestewartgrp stated. — @SalarySchool
If overqualified, focus on the skills you love & explain why the job is a great fit for where you want 2 be now  – @TappOnline
Also understand the challenges of co. or dept. and show how being overqualified could save $$ and time w/ experience — @TappOnline
Q4: How do you explain a criminal record? Do you offer this information up front or wait for the employer to ask?
Great resource for tenuous backgrounds: No One is unemployable by Angel & Harney
Wait to be asked. If you get to the interview it may not be a problem. Don’t get diarrhea of the mouth. — @St8Wkr
Generally- Do not volunteer negative information unless you can control it and know if will be asked — @careerchatter
Q5: Have you ever brought up benefits or salary first? Or do you always wait for the employer? Employers, is there a tactful way to ask about money early in the process?
I’ve seen candidates get to the offer stage and salary expectations are off 75+%. It’s okay to ask early in my honest opinion. — @mtATL
This is often an early question “What’s the salary range?” Not unheard of in the recruiting world. Comes up naturally. — @Redzonejobs
I have always felt that you wait for at least interview #2 to talk money and typically let the employer bring it up — @TheStewartGrp
For recaps of past months’ job chats, check out:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Business Dress vs. Business Casual

This is the email I received this morning from my company on "The Dress Code". I have  changed the names to protect the privacy of the company. However, I wanted you to know that the dress code is still relevant in the workplace.

Good Morning,

On Tuesday, December 6th our new CEO, will be in the office.  Jack is requesting that we all go with business dress that day as opposed to business casual.

If time allows at some point Jack would like to do a  walk around with Jill so she can say hello to some of the folks in the office.


Fashion T says:  On days that I can't wear business casual,  which consists of a blouse, dress pants, and no jacket, I opt for a suit or dress with a jacket (blazer).  The difference between the two is a blazer for women and suit/ tie for men in short term. On Tuesday I will post a picture of my business dress attire.

So this is what I wore to work today, I had started to undress until I remembered to take a picture for the blog. My apologies for the sloppiness, but I had a long day and could not wait to take off those peep toes stilettos that are partially hidden, because of my long pants. I usually wear my jackets open I don't like to button my jackets that is why one button is buttoned :)  Don't ask why that's just my personality on suits... By the way, I couldn't find my suit pants that I planned to wear, so I had to throw together this outfit.  I hope you like...

I will post an article on the difference between the two dress codes later on.. Does your corporation have a dress code and, if so what do you wear on those days when business casual is not an option?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Dresses


Maya- Love, this dress for a holiday party.

Have you picked out your holiday party dress? I haven't yet, but I did see one that I am watching..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shoes for the (LBD) Little Black Dress

Betsey Johnson Shoes, Baamm Platform PumpsGucci - Sofia Metallic Python Slingback Platform PumpsBadgley Mischka Shoes, Lissa Evening PumpsB Brian Atwood - Consort Metallic Leather Asymmetrical Platform SandalsBrian Atwood - Maniac Metallic Leather Platform PumpsGUESS Women's Shoes, Kadi Platform PumpsBetsey Johnson Shoes, Iconn-R Platform PumpsB Brian Atwood - Metallic Leather and Feather-Embellished SandalsB Brian Atwood - Fredrique Glitter-Coated Cork Pumps

Little Black Dress Event

Workplace lunch dilemmas: Who pays!?

Check out this article from CNN.

( -- There always seems to be some awkward confusion when having a meal with co-workers or managers. No one is certain what's happening when the bill arrives and the awkward faux-shuffling for wallets and pocketbooks occurs. Everyone is secretly hoping that the top dog at the table is just going to foot the bill. But if that company card isn't whipped out, that upper-lip sweat begins to form at the thought of splitting that check nine ways.
I asked Vicky Oliver, author of such books as "301 Smart Answers to Tough Questions: Business Etiquette Questions" and "The Millionaire's Handbook," about business lunch faux pas. What should folks do during these situations and others where it's uncertain who's picking up the tab? When do you need to just step up and pay?
So let's take a stroll through the scenarios you may find yourself in...
Co-worker lunches:
"If you're out with five co-workers and you're the sixth person, just take the full amount of the lunch total, add a 20 percent gratuity, and divide by six," Oliver says. "This will prevent all sorts of nickel and diming and help keep group morale high." So despite the fact you had a $6 salad and your co-worker had a $15 pulled-pork po'boy, just grin and bear it — eventually you'll be ordering the high- ticket item, and it will all even out over time. It's not worth the drama between your co-workers and the hassle for the server to split the tab unevenly.
She also suggests that if group lunches are becoming too costly, just pack your lunch and opt out. But realize that it's a good opportunity to socialize, network and bond with your team members.
Usually the person with the higher title or position will pay; essentially, "Protocol dictates that the person higher up on the proverbial 'food chain' treats his or her co-workers to lunch," says Oliver.
Job-opportunity/intel-gathering lunch:
Let's say you want to take a co-worker out to either learn more about what's going on in his or her department or chat about how your team can help alleviate the workload for his or her team. Typically, because you're offering up the lunch and initiating the convo, you're expected to pay. If you're truly using this as a business discussion, Oliver suggests that you check in with your boss to see if the lunch can be reimbursed. Be sure to spell out how the lunch will benefit you, your boss and your entire team by finding out more of what's going on in another department or area.
However, if the purpose is gossip only, it's basically up to you to decide if you're splitting or paying on your own, without any company help.
The boss's treat lunch:
It's safe to assume that if your boss is taking you out for lunch, he or she is footing the bill. It's still polite to offer up splitting the check, but don't become too combative. Just express your appreciation and gratitude for the meal.
Show your appreciation lunch:
"If you are thanking the other person for a job well done, but you don't always want to treat the person, you might explain by saying: 'Unfortunately, corporate won't cover this lunch today. But I am so personally grateful for all of your hard work and late nights. I want to thank you by taking you out for a celebratory lunch. Next time we'll split it, but today it's on me,'" Oliver suggests.
The mentor/reference lunch:
When offering (or in some cases asking) to meet a mentor or potential reference out for lunch or coffee, the expectation is that you'll pay. Oliver explains that as the one with more to gain from such a meeting, this is your token of appreciation. But if you both have an equal amount of opportunity to gain from this meeting, splitting the tab seems appropriate.
The exception that proves the rule:
"If there is a gigantic discrepancy in age or income of the two parties, the person who has more income — or a steadier income — should treat," Oliver says. "Similarly, if there is a huge difference in age between the two people, the younger person should generally treat — unless it's a new grad or someone who's unemployed."
No matter what, say "Thank you":
No matter who ends up paying or buying, everyone should say "Thank you." If you are buying, chances are you offered because you wanted to learn more or get information or expertise from someone and are showing your appreciation. If your lunch was bought for you, say thanks for the free meal and the opportunity to give your opinion in a setting where you know someone's really listening.
"Expressing thanks is a lost art. Master it and you will stand out in this competitive world," Oliver says. And she's right. No matter if you send an appreciative email or even a handwritten note, taking the extra time to be appreciative will go a long way for you, not only professionally, but personally as well.

Fashion T says: I concur, always try to budget to have a little extra cash when dinning with coworkers or management.  Sometimes the boss might forget the "wallet" and you may have to fit the bill. It is always better to be prepared then unprepared, and fitting the bill might come in handy during review time or when that promotion is on the table.  (Sidebar - It always helps if your dress accordingly at work because sometimes these luncheons can come at a blink of an eye, and nothing feels worst then being under or over dress.)

Look of The Week....


Mr. Trey Songz-  This suit is perfect, I really love the fit, it looks like it is tailored.

But should he have trimmed up those eyebrows? 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Continuing with the theme of Leopard

 Kimora Lee Simmons- I love the suttleness of the leggings its not too much animal print, just enough! Might have to search these out!!

Hello Cyber Monday....

Happy Cyber Monday...Hope everyone had a glorious holiday weekend because I did.

So, there are many sells online today, but you have to act fast, so here are a few tips;

  • Have your credit card on deck and ready to go. If you have a log in created get logged on first to avoid any interruptions.
  • Don't spend too much time deciding to purchase an item. If you like it buy it you don't want someone to pull your items out your basket.
  • Search the circulars online prior to shopping, that way it will save you time.
Lastly, come back here and tell me what you purchase. I bought a few items over the weekend, which I will share later on.  Lets go Shopping!!

Shop Now For Best Selection

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone out there is having a really nice Thanksgiving!!  I am so thankful to have my health, family, and friends. Although, I may not have all that I want right now, I definitely have all that I need. So no complaints for me! I am so thankful for my husband who makes the time for me, and for us , and  loves me unconditionally, in spite of my shortcomings.  I am truly Blessed to have a honor roll daughter who has a magnificent personality and on her way to greatness. Sidebar - I wish I was that driven at thirteen. Did I mention she wants to be a fashion designer and has sketched out her collection.  Her name is Ash and I am so grateful to have her. Thankful for my parents who is still giving me advice solicited and unsolicited, gotta love them!!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because its a time I get to spend time with my family, laughing, eating, playing games, and enjoying life.  My husband and I have been together for eleven years and married for five, we met in College.. I know it sounds so cliche, but we did, shout out to Rutgers!!  Over the course of our relationship we always split the holidays with his family and mine, which turns out to a really long day. So the day usually goes something like this;

  • Wake up around 10, dragging to get out of bed or the phone ringing.. Gotta love the family asking what time are you guys coming over.
  • Shower, watch a little TV, pack up whatever food that I prepared or still preparing..
  • Get to my mothers house around 1, after two phone calls we will normally will stay there for dinner ,which is usually early, and we eat around 3.   Anticipating what time my brothers will arrive. I have two brothers and no sisters, sorry no Kardashian bondage here.
  • After eating, talking, watching football, we head out to my husband's aunts house around 5.
  • After another round of phone calls asking us what time will we be arriving. We  drive about 20 minutes to the hubby's aunts house and hold your breathe, will eat again.. Sometimes I will just eat dessert, but who can resist the ham, turnip's, and other trimmings. Usually, we will end the night there playing games, laughing, eating, watching movies, or whatever else.
  • Finally, we decide to pack up and go home, which is usually round 11. 
  • Brace yourself because we do it all over again on Friday after shopping of course.
So this is how my thanksgiving will be this year with a slight change of my aunt having a pre-thanksgiving dinner at her house on Wednesday night.  I know it sounds like a lot, but it is well worth it!  Yet, I think next year Thanksgiving will be at my house ,if I can convince the hubby...

I will try to put up some pict of my festivities with my family...
So, how are you celebrating your Thanksgiving are you traveling or staying home?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get Ready, Get Set, Go...

Black Friday

Here is the plan;
 Bandolino Shoes, Crittle Tall Wide Calf Bootsrival 2slice waffle makerNine West Shoes, Riddleme Pumps
  • Hit WALMART- I am looking to buy the waffle maker for 2.84.. If I can get this that would be a huge bargain, and of course get some of my holiday shopping done. I will be buying my electronic items from here.
  • Hit MACY'S- I am looking for a flat pair of black knee boots and leopard shoes. You know all month I have been obsessing over animal print. So I am on the prowl to find a pair of leopard boots for our holiday Christmas Party. An since I will already be in the mall I will check out the Gap, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and you get my point...
  • Hit TARGET- Normally I don't go to target on Black Friday, but that darn lady with the red outfit got me thinking, I might be missing something. Ah yeah we will be a going to Targey..
If you are looking for sales hit the websites before you go out.  Sometimes you can get the sale prices online earlier, if you don't want to go out and deal with the crowd. The only thing is that, you have to act fast when you place items in the cart because they sale out quickly.

So that is my black Friday plan, and because I am a fashionista...I will not be updating the blog on Friday, but I will be chiming in on Saturday to report back on all the mayhem and foolishness:)

Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All Earrings Are Not Created Equal....

I love to play around with earrings, but in the workplace that can be dangerous. The fliest earrings out now are the feather earrings. There are so many options out now, that a girl can even get custom earrings, for a reasonable price. Now that is something I may have to explore..I was never the girl to wear big, bold, ear rings, but recently I have been intrigued and might consider taking the plunge.  Although, I am cautious about drawing too much attention  to my ears. (I don't know why) I would say to stay bold on the weekend and casual during the work week.  So Let's take a look at what I am talking about.

Feathers for the Weekend.
 Pink Feather Earrings

work play
Sarah Cavender Metal Snake EarringsGivenchy 'Tournel' Enamel Hoop EarringsStephan & Co. Pavé Stud EarringsNordstrom Crystal Collection Bead Frontal Hoop EarringsMastoloni Cultured Pearl & Diamond Drop EarringsCarole Three Feather Chandelier EarringsGuinevere Large Crystal Drop EarringsAlexis Bittar Kite Link EarringsAnna Beck 'Fan' Fringe Statement EarringsCarole Jeweled Feather Shoulder Duster EarringsAlexis Bittar 'Alexandria' Slim Hoop Earrings (Nordstrom Exclusive)
What I like to call work & play earrings. Do you have any favorites, if so send me an email to share?