Saturday, August 15, 2015

Status Update

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to pop in to let you know that I am revamping my blog and trying to get everything under one home.  I have a few things that I am working on and excited about, so please stay tuned and come back regularly, as I will be launching some awesome things over the next couple of months.  I will tell you that you will be happy with the content and it will help with your journey of interviewing, what to wear, how to get a promotion with your attire, and how to land the dream job.  So that is one of the things that I am working on and it will be released in a couple of weeks maybe even sooner.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and look out for a video coming soon!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vacation and My Orange Phase***

I tend to color coordinate my outfits subconsciously. The funny thing is I am not sure when I began this process, but it has become part of my regimen when traveling....How funny is that right?

In this photo I am getting ready for a day on the hot, hot, hot, hot, hot Las Vegas Strip.. The tempature was 105 and I was completely dehydrated, it seems that you can't drink enough water to quench your thirst when in Vegas. Also, I would definitely recommend a hat, which I did not bring one...Bad, bad, bad idea..

We stayed at MGM and this was on our way to breakfast, can you see the TV behind me, I thought that was really cool place to take a photo.

Just a random spot I believe this picture was out side of Caesars hotel on the strip. This is a one piece dress by Michael Kors. One of my favorite pieces that I keep revisiting...

This was at the pool and this bathing suit is twelve years old., ..Yup you heard me correctly, staple bathing suit...I have many but this is one of those pieces that I can't part ways with or find a color replacement..

 Recently, my husband and I went to viva Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday bash, and we had an amazing time!!! This was the first time we went to Vegas so I really didn't know what to expect (or pack), so like most women, I overpacked...However, I took a carry-on and one bag for shoes, not too shabby. Here is a sneak peak of my "Orange Life." By the way, Orange is not my favorite color just a phase I fell into over the summer. Enjoy! Do you fall into any color themes??

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My morning -get ready video..

Check out my get ready with me video... 
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Status Update- Where have you been?


The question is where have I been?  Well to be honest I have taken a little break from blogging for a while to get my online- life in order. If that makes any sense. I want you to know that I am back and will be posting more often. I do have some great things on the rise, like a work look book, natural hair styles (maybe even some tutorials.) For those who don't know I have a you tube Chanel that I am trying to connect the blog to the channel. I am a work in progress, but always looking for ways to expand and share all my knowledge. So please be patient with me and look forward to some up and coming post along with some fun thins. As always, Thanks for visiting and please subscribe to my blog.


 Zenah Renee

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

White Blazer-Rachel Roe

rachel roy

So Elle, has this picture of one the great fashion designers.... Rachael Roe one of my favorites (in my Oprah voice), which I love, love, love. And had me thinking about the fact that, I don't own a white blazer in my wardrobe. I am one of those people who fall in and out of trends, so the whole theory of not wearing white after labor day, is pretty much based on how I feel.  If I feel like I want to wear something I will go ahead and wear it, if not I may say nah I don't think I should be wearing white after labor day. I guess its when its convenient to fit my mood.  Hell its fashion and you should wear according to your own beat!! Any hew, this picture got me to thinking if I should add a white blazer to the mix. It is easy to dress up and down, but is it versatile enough to wear year round??? 

Is there anyone out there who does this style? Please send me a picture of your look would love to see the different styles.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Who Broke the Dress Code This Week??

Did someone break the dress code in your office? If so, I wanna know about it. Of course not there names to protect their privacy.  Send me a your story and I will publish on the blog. To protect the privacy of corporations and employees I asked that you refrain from pictures and company logos and names unless you have written authorization. Otherwise send me a brief description of how they broke the dress code and why.  Maybe it was you?  I know I have broken the companies dress code several times and you have too, so don't be shy send me your stories let chat about it...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do you Color at Work???

Yes, the question of the day is do you color at work?  I am talking about hair color that is...I know I had you going their for a moment? Right???? Well over the summer, I colored my hair light brown, which was very similar to my skin tone. The color was not real bright, but more of a bronze color, which I loved and rocked for the whole summer gracefully....However, my aunt was not so in love with the color and she actually said to me, " I am not sure if I like the color because it blends into your skin tone." Really Auntie :) She thought I should either go darker or lighter in color, but I was fine with the color I had chosen..Her comment didn't offend me, I thought that it was actually quite comical...It was fine, it was her opinion, and I was in love with my summer color..So, I  laughed  it off because I thought it was actually funny.  However, I noticed at work I was getting a lot of attention. Mostly good comments a few people thought I could actually go lighter as well.  I thought about going lighter, but was afraid that the color might be too bright for the office...Not sure if I was ready to push that envelope just yet, being that I was one of the few minorities with natural hair in the office and a brighter color might just send me to the unemployment line (just kidding).. As mentioned I had no real complaints with the color anyways and only that I grew tired of the color once the summer was o.v.e.r...Needless to say, I recently dyed the light brown out to off black after I grew tired of the color. (I will post a picture once I find a cute one to tag) With the fall in motion, leaves are falling, trees are blowing, and change approaching..What are you doing with your hair for fall?  Do you color at work and if so, are there any colors you believe are inappropriate for work?  FYI, I love, love, these styles and colors and would rock all of these styles to work..What About YOU???Naturally FabulousNaturally FabulousNaturally Fabulous

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